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Bombucks play
Bombucks / Strategy

1win Bombucks attracts the attention of many gambling club customers, as it has simple game rules and high probability of winning. The casino development allows you to win real money in just a few moves. The game in the crash format has a stylish design and similarity to the famous “Saper”. The accessibility of the interface and the ability to view statistics of the results of past rounds allow players to analyse their mistakes to pick up more winning tactics. It is the right Bombucks strategy along with luck will allow gamers to minimise costs and earn.

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Known strategies

Find popular and winning tactics will help real Bombucks player reviews, which can be found on thematic portals and forums.

The following strategies are considered effective:

  • fixed bet;
  • reverse Margintail;
  • certain multiplier.

Each Bombucks strategy has its own features and is suitable for players with different financial capabilities and skills.

Fixed Betting Tactics

Popular Bombucks strategies can be applied only after the player has learnt the basic rules and learned how to bet correctly. The above tactic is considered the simplest and most common. Its main purpose is that the gamer will have to make the same fixed rate for several moves. That is, if the player puts 50 UAH on the first round, then the next two stages he will also need to put the total amount of 100 UAH. As a result, his costs will be 150 UAH when choosing a minefield size 3x6. The main thing is to choose the right cell, otherwise all investments will be in favour of the online casino.

Reverse Margintail

Bombucks 1win strategy involves a scheme that is the opposite of Margintail. According to it, the player will have to increase the size of the next bet after his loss. The main objective of the strategy is to quickly increase the player’s deposit after he loses money. The only important thing to know is that this slot machine has a high risk of losing if you set a large number of mines on the field.

Let’s look at an example. The gamer put 30 UAH on the first cell. It turned out to be a loser. Next time he will have to bet 60 UAH. In case of winning, its size will also be increased by 2 times, which will immediately cover the first costs. It is important to control your expenses so that the balance does not turn negative.

Stop at the multiplier

The strategy proposed by Bombucks involves pre-setting a certain multiplier, which will stop the game when it reaches a predetermined value. In simple words, the player sets a fixed amount of winnings. When he manages to achieve his goal, the multiplier will signal him about it. At this time, the gamer should leave the game, so as not to lose the money earned.

Tips for players

To online game brought not only pleasure, but also earnings, you should follow a few simple recommendations:

  1. It is worth pre-distribute your budget to understand what size bets can be chosen to run the simulator. It is recommended to bet no more than 10% of the total deposit;
  2. To begin with, it is worth using a simple strategy, which is to gradually increase the rate. In case of a win, it is better to return to the initial size, so as not to increase the bets to the maximum;
  3. It is important to learn to stop in time, as in this game there is always the possibility of leaving the round without reaching the end of the minefield.

In the gambling game Bombucks there is a certain degree of risk, so gamers should always be careful, and every time to think through their steps. Therefore, at first you can try your luck in the demo version.


Should I use Bombucks strategies to win?

All existing Bombucks strategies that can be found on the internet cannot guarantee 100% winnings. Using one of the tactics can increase the probability of profit. But you should bet in the game not only according to the scheme, but also taking into account your financial capabilities, as well as intuition and analysis of past rounds.

Will Margintail's Bombucks 1win strategy help me win back the money I lost?

Every Bombucks 1win strategy has a probability of losing and winning. Reverse Margintail tactics increase the chances of getting back the lost money. But you can return the amount only if you make a limited number of bets in online casinos, and their total amount is not significant. Otherwise, in the pursuit of wagering money can lose your entire deposit.

Which Bombucks strategy is considered the most popular?

The Bombucks fixed bet strategy is the most popular among players on the official casino site. It attracts attention with its simplicity. The player just needs to make bets of a certain size for several moves. The tactic is suitable for gamers with different financial capabilities.

What tips for applying Bombucks strategy can be used?

To make Bombucks strategy profitable, it is worth using the simplest tactic to begin with. It is also recommended that you bet no more than 10% of your total deposit to minimise potential costs. Another tip is to stop online play in good time.