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Bombucks play
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Bombucks play

Bombucks - sapper for real money

Virtual game Bombucks - the development of a popular gambling club 1win. Its fans will be fans of games with minefield. The basic principle of the game is to find a mine. One wrong step can return the gamer to the beginning of the game. In this case, he will lose all the money that was invested in entertainment. Therefore, a correctly selected Bombucks strategy and luck are very important for victory.

To begin with, the player will need to make a choice of difficulty level, and then try to open as many cells as possible avoiding the explosion of mines. Only when successfully passing the level the player can get on his balance real money. In this case, the level of adrenaline with each new step will become higher and higher. If the player is determined to win and ready to use his tactics to achieve the goal, he can safely launch the crash game and enjoy the incredible emotions that it will give him!

Bombucks game

How to play Bombucks 1win?

1win Bombucks can be found freely available on the official casino website. To do this, customers will need to download the section with the name “1win games”. Crash game combines not only the classic algorithm of such entertainment, but also a sea of adrenaline, which is intertwined with luck. Before each gamer is the task - to pass the minefield and collect as many prizes as possible. And numerous reviews about Bombax, which are left on our site and on various thematic forums, prove the fact of popularity of the simulator.

But compared to other crash games, Bombucks stands out with some chips. Before the player is set the goal - to overcome the field with mines and open more cells with awards. But when opening a segment with a mine, the gamer will return to the beginning of his journey.

Bombucks play

Rules of the game

To begin with, it is necessary to study the rules of the game to understand how to act and earn money. Before you start the simulator will need to choose a playing field of 5 possible. In this case, each of them has a different number of segments. Also depending on the selected field will be set a different level of complexity and the size of the potential winnings. The greater the number of segments, the lower the risk of losing.

To set the difficulty level of Bombucks 1win, you need to use the instructions offered on our website:

  • Set the size of the field with mines - at the first start of the simulator, the standard size of 2x3 is offered. To make the game more interesting and profitable, it is suggested to change the format: 3 by 6, 5 by 12 or 6 by 15. Depending on the choice made, the level of complexity of the gameplay will change;
  • Choose the distance of the game - if the size of the minefield increases, the time allocated for passing the round will also be increased. The only thing to keep in mind in this case is the number of sections, which will become less.

To understand how to play better, it is worth trying different Bombucks strategies that will bring a solid income with minimal risk.

Why play Bombucks 1win?

Slot machine, which can be found on our portal, has strengths and weaknesses that relate to its operating parameters and features. After getting acquainted with them, the online casino client will have a detailed idea about the game.

Bombucks 1win

Advantages of the game:

  1. Uniqueness of gameplay - the simulator has a distinctive feature in relation to other crash games: the original mechanics of passing the field with mines excites even players with experience;
  2. The ability to choose the level of difficulty - depends on the skills and knowledge of gamers. Changing this characteristic will minimize the risk of losing;
  3. Independent time parameter - when choosing Bombucks 1win players can make each step without rushing, without worrying about time limits;
  4. 5 minefield size options - make the game quite varied, allowing you to change the difficulty level and get a higher multiplier every time;
  5. Different Strategies - the simulator offers a wide variety of Bombucks strategies that are harmoniously combined, allowing players to have an exciting experience.

###Disadvantage of the game

The weaknesses include the fact that the mechanics of the game at first glance may seem quite complicated for novice gamblers. After the player makes a wrong step, he again returns to the very beginning, which may not appeal to many customers of the entertainment portal. In addition, the strategy is not always profitable. Therefore, some players after defeat leave the crash game and move on to other entertainment. But despite this Bombucks 1win has many fans thanks to its unique characteristics, simple rules and good returns.

How do I get started at 1win Bombucks to play for money?

To start playing Bombucks, you first need to register on the 1win casino website. During registration, don’t forget to add a promo code to increase the amount of your first deposits by 500%!

After registration it is necessary to:

  • deposit money to your personal account;
  • load the game page;
  • set the difficulty level, i.e. select the number of sectors and min;
  • choose the size of the bet;
  • start the game, moving on the field with mines;
  • after each step you can change the bet size.

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In case of winning at 1win Bombucks, the money can be immediately withdrawn to the main balance. The details of the withdrawal procedure can be found on our portal in the section with financial transactions. The player’s result will depend on his luck and ability to choose the right cell.

Key Features

Slot machine Bombucks 1win allows customers entertainment portal independently set the level of complexity and the size of the bet, which will affect the potential size of the winnings and its probability. The level of complexity of the gameplay depends on the size of the field with mines, on which the sapper moves. In the role of the sapper is the player. To create a favorable atmosphere that sets up the game, selected the appropriate music and sound special effects. If necessary, gamers can turn them off to fully concentrate on the gameplay. And when selecting full-screen mode, the player will be able to feel like a real seeker of mines.

Bombucks demo: is there a demo mode?

Beginning players who have just come to the world of gambling entertainment, can run a demo version of the slot machine. To do this, you will need to activate the “Demo” key. In this mode, they do not risk their money. For the game they are given virtual coins.

Bombucks 1win

The free version will allow the player to:

  • assess the quality of the graphics and convenience of the interface;
  • understand the basic functions of the game;
  • pick up a strategy Bombucks, with the help of which in the future you can win real money.

The design of the Bombucks game is quite simple. Black cells are located on a monotonous gray background. At the bottom under the field is a segment for the formation of the bet. In the upper part there are keys with settings, with the help of which players can control music, sounds, study the statistics of played games, etc. If the gamer makes the right move, the segment lights up green. If the move turns out to be a losing move, the cell will light up red. In this case, the whole field will turn red and the player will return to the beginning of the game.

Try betting at Bombucks 1win to find out whether the game suits you or not. And we will help you in solving any questions and problems that relate to the gameplay, financial transactions and settings of the simulator.


What are the main reasons for the popularity of Bombucks 1win?

Crash game Bombucks 1win is a development specifically for online casino 1win. It combines elements of strategy and crash mechanics. The simulator has a great similarity with the popular Sapper. It became popular for the reason that players themselves can choose the level of difficulty, and the time of guessing cells without mines is not limited.

How to start playing Bombucks for money?

To start playing Bombucks, first it is important to learn the rules of the game. To do this, you will need to download the official site of the casino or portal where the game is located, and then find it in the list of entertainment. At the next stage, it will remain to make a deposit to the account. After that, the player will have to set the number of cells and the amount of the bet.

What are the rules for playing at 1win Bombucks?

The rules of the game are quite simple. Even a beginner can memorize them. The main task of the gamer who chooses 1win Bombucks is to safely pass the minefield. But before that, he will need to choose its size, which will affect the level of difficulty. The higher up the grid the player will climb, the bigger the winnings and the faster he will finish the game.

What are the pros of playing Bombucks?

A unique game in the format of crash Bombucks attracts the attention of many fans of gambling adventures. It is interesting in that the gamer is given the opportunity to choose the level of complexity and the number of mines on the field. In the online game you can win solid money at minimal cost.